MCR Championship

We have a twenty-three year tradition of honoring the top three clubs by engraving their names onto the MCR trophy. Winning clubs are determined by the sum of the times of their first place teams in each scoring division.

First place for each division will be awarded N points, where N is equal to the number of clubs which have teams that finish in that division. Each succeeding finishing club will be awarded (N -1) points, (N – 2) points, and so on. If a club has more then one team competing in a division, only the team which finishes first for that club will score, all subsequent teams will have no effect on the club championship scoring (though they will be noted for their official finishes within the division).

Example: Open Division has 22 entries and all 12 MCR clubs are represented.

1. GLRR 12 Points
2. GLRR 2nd but no points
3. WRT 11 Points
4. WCRC 10 points
22. Whoever RC 1 point (last of 12 clubs)

Example: The male veterans Division has only one club entry.

1. GAC 1 point

Example: The Womens Masters has 10 entries but only 3 clubs.

1. GLRR 3 points
10. Little Sisters RC 1 point

To count as a scoring team for the MCR trophy you must have a minimum of five team members and three for Sunshine teams. Runners must be a member in good standing with the club they are competing. Runners cannot score for two teams. If a runner runs for two scoring teams, only the time for the faster of the two team will count towards the club championship. The top club is awarded the Mill Cities Relay Champion Trophy and the runner-up receives the Martin Cardoza Award. The third place club receives the Jack Pierce Award.

Dave LaBrode Team Participation Brick

The club that fields the most teams will be awarded the Dave LaBrode Team Participation Brick.

Sharon Yu MCR Contribution Brick

Each year the MCR Commissioner selects an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the success of the relay. That individual will be awarded the Sharon Yu MCR Contribution Brick.

The Phil Quinn Award

Annually the Mill Cities Alliance recognizes a citizen of the local running community with the Phil Quinn Award for making extraordinary contributions to our sport. The past winners of this prestigious award are listed within the Phil Quinn Award page . Their dedication, support, commitment and passion for running have improved our sport immensely.